Lambda C-Type Printing

Lambda c-type printing is the highest quality digital c-type printing available and uses the renowned Durst Lambda processor to produce prints that combine a traditionally archival process with all of the benefits of digital control.

Digital file information (the image) is passed directly to photographic paper using a system of lasers (rather than LED’s, which are used by some digital c-type printers).

The Durst Lambda was one of the first ever laser printers to produce digital C Types. The technology uses a continuous roll to roll single beam, 3-laser (RGB) exposure system.

The combination of size, flexibility and image quality has made the Lambda a staple of the best photographic labs across the world. C-Print is the first choice for photo prints, art exhibitions, interior decoration and advertising applications.

The Durst Lambda c-type printer produces an image with a higher PPI than commonly used LED printers.

Exposed paper is then traditionally ‘wet’ processed using photographic chemistry, in much the same manner as traditional photographic prints produced using negatives with an enlarger in a darkroom.

Print Available

10×10 Lambda C-Type